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We specialize in professional face treatments to suit all skin types and conditions. At your appointment we will analyse your skin’s condition and advise which treatment is best for your particular needs, as each facial has different active product ingredients to help with individual skin conditions.

In (Swiss) Mila d’Opiz products, we have a range of high end, technologically advanced facial products with active ingredients to prescribe and treat all skin types and conditions.

Mila d’Opiz Men’s Treatments

  • The Recharger

  • This new Vitamin C face treatment stimulates the circulation of blood through the skin. The result is amazing: you get a really fresh looking face and a much more 'alive' complexion. At the same time, it helps prevent rosacea, reduces unhealthy reddening of the face, and promotes skin structure and a more even complexion.
    1hr - £45.00
  • The Oxygenator

  • This is deep cleansing anti-pollutant treatment is a combination of high frequency oxygenating massage with detoxifying creams and ampules alongside steam and ozone to brighten your skin and combat the effects of environmental stress and pollution.
    1hr - £45.00
  • The Rejuvenator

  • This face treatment utilizes advanced anti-ageing Cell-Tox technology (although Botox is available should you want it). The treatment offers highly active cosmetology acting on the same muscles as Botox in a safe, easy-to-apply form. This face treatment offers new possibilities in the areas of anti-wrinkle and lifting techniques. The result: a reduction of wrinkle depth on your throat and face, relaxation of expression lines (or mimic muscles), especially on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes; and firmer facial contours.
    1hr - £50.00
  • The Rebalancer

  • This a new kind of face treatment, using deep penetrating natural concentrates with marine and plant-based ingredients and a special algae-rich mask to achieve maximum levels of skin absorption. The treatment has a wonderful cooling effect and gives you an 'under-the-skin' sensation that is still working after the treatment is finished. We have six essential and vital concentrates available in this range to fully personalize your treatment.
    1hr - £45.00