Wax Treatments for Men

Waxing for men removes unwanted hairs leaving the skin looking naturally smooth… can last 4-6 weeks. Other benefits of salon waxing include: Helping keep skin looking naturally smooth; helping slow down hair regrowth, causing hair to become finer; getting rid of stubble growth; enhancing muscle definition.

Men’s Back Waxing

Hair is removed from the follicles leaving skin smooth for up to 4-6 weeks – £22.50

Men’s Back & Shoulder Waxing

A back wax including the shoulders; blended towards the chest – £23.00

Back / Chest / Shoulder Waxing

Hair is removed from the chest, back and shoulders to leave the upper body completely smooth – £37.00

Men’s Chest Waxing

The chest and stomach are left smooth and free of hair – £22.50

Men’s Chest & Shoulder Waxing

The chest, stomach and shoulders are left smooth and free from hair – £27.50

Men’s Full Arm Waxing

Great for sports men. All hair on the arms is removed – £16.50

Men’s 3/4 Leg Waxing

Hair is removed from the legs using warm wax leaving a smooth result, great for sportsmen – £28.50

Men’s Eyebrow Grooming

Create a tidy well groomed eyebrows that looks natural and enhances the face £7.00 – £8.75

Chest & Back Wax

1hr – £35.00

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Please Note: We always use hygienic disposable cleansing wipes and individual PhD waxing applicators, so there is no danger of cross contamination or infection.
Men are advised to wear shorts for treatments where trousers are removed.
Please note: 24hr patch test for new clients is essential.

To make an appointment or enquire about a treatment please call: 01723 35 44 21

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