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Nano-Current Facial Treatments

A-Lift Nano-current Facial Treatments

Especially for Facial Muscle Tightening/Lifting

This range of (non-surgical) tightening/lifting treatments leaves your skin feeling good, looking good and easier to manage.

Micro-Current Facial treatments reduce and soften:

– lines and wrinkles
– neck lines and creases
– crows feet
– under-eye bags
– lip and mouth lines
– hard (leathery) skin
– frown lines
– ageing complexion
– jowls
– double chins

  • Miracle Moments Express Facial

    This is especially suited to the image-conscious client interested in age-prevention and wanting a speedy treatment (. . .and for older clients wanting a quick boost). A-LIFT Facials are particularly good for: facial toning; skin hydration; smoother, more radiant skin; improved texture; improved application of make-up.
    Please allow 1 hour £40.00
  • A-Lift Signature Facial

    If you’re over 30, this is for you. The main benefits of this procedure include: Intensive lifting and firming of the face and neck; reducing the appearance of eye bags, lines, wrinkles; delays the signs of ageing.
    Please allow 1 hour 30 mins £47.50