MicroDermabrasion, Face, Body & Hand Treatments

MicroDermabrasion is simply a deep exfoliation of the skin which helps to remove dead cells, thus encouraging cellular regeneration. It increases microcirculation, bringing nutrients to the skin and reducing the appearance of imperfections.MicroDermabrasion can be performed on almost any part of the body and is particularly beneficial for:

– Hyperpigmentation
– Reduction of acne scars
– Reduction of post surgical scars
– Sun-Damaged skin
– Dull or ageing skin
– Fine lines and Wrinkles
– Uneven skin tone and texture
– Congested skin
– Improving blood and lymph flow
– Overall skin rejuvenation
– Age spots: face, neck, decollete, arms
– Reduction of stretch marks
– Effective on all skin types and colours (including sensitive skin, black and Asian skin
– Gives the skin a healthy-looking glow
– Can help some people look years younger

The XPRESS Facial

This is an effective method of skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, using microdermabrasion and lymphatic drainage technology and is ideal for open,
congested pores, pigmentation, age spots, frown lines, acne, acne scars, fine
lines and wrinkles. 

Please allow 40 mins – £45.00

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This treatment is especially suitable for: darker complexions; sallow, tired-looking
skin; acne scarring. Natural plant extracts within the Mask promote a brighter

Please allow 60 mins for your appointment – £59.50

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MicroDermabrasion Collagen Boosting Facial

This is a combination of microdermabrasion, facial and collagen mask to boost the skin’s elasticity and collagen.

Please allow 1 hour – £65.00

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Body Microdermabrasion

An excellent aid to treating pigmentation, skin blemishes and some types of scarring, as well as stretch marks and uneven skin.
We give you a treatment program tailored to your particular skin problem and requirements.
With regular treatment and maintenance, your skin will continue to appear brighter, firmer and healthier looking.

30 mins – £40
45 mins – £47.50
60 mins – £60


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CLAIRDERM Hand Treatment

This procedure addresses age spots and sun damaged hands. 

Please allow 45 mins for your appointment – £47.50


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*Patch test required

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