Advanced Electrolysis

APILUS Epilation

The APILUS Advanced Hair Removal System is fast and powerful yet gentle, smooth and comfortable. Some say it is probably the most effective hair removal treatment of its kind (treating hairs, one by one). If you have experienced standard electrolysis and blend in the past, APILUS is very different to what you’ve had before.

Unwanted hair is a big problem for many people and the distress it causes is vastly underestimated. More people have hair removed by electrolysis than you can imagine; but most wouldn’t admit to it. But for the removal of unwanted hair on the face, bust, abdomen, and bikini-line, electrolysis from a skilled professional works best.

APILUS Electrolysis Treatments

APILUS Consultation and first treatment (allow 30 mins) £32.50
Follow-up treatments: Minimum fee £17.50
10 minutes £17.50
15 minutes £22.50
20 minutes £27.50
30 minutes £33.50
45 minutes £47.50
60 minutes £62.50

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APILUS Skin Tags & Wart Treatment

APILUS Consultation and First Treatment £50.00
Follow-up treatments:
Up to 15 mins £40.00
Up to 30 mins £60.00

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Red Vein and Broken Vein Treatments

Red or broken veins are a common problem which can be easily rectified by simple diathermy. In many cases only one or two treatments are necessary to achieve permanent removal.
Consultation and first treatment – up to 30 mins £42.50
Additional treatments – up to 15 mins£30.00
Additional treatments – up to 30 mins£50.00

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