Advanced Electrolysis

APILUS Advanced Electrolysis

Technologically Advanced Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a big problem for many people and the distress it causes is vastly underestimated.

More people have hair removed by electrolysis than you can imagine; but most wouldn’t admit to it. But for the removal of unwanted hair on the face, bust, abdomen, and bikini line, Electrolysis from a skilled professional is very effective.

We use new 24-carat gold plated sterile disposable needles for each treatment thus eliminating any risk of cross infection. The electrologist wears a new pair of
protective hypo-allergenic gloves for each client treatment (then they’re disposed of).

The gentler, more comfortable way to faster, all-over, hair removal is APILUS electrolysis. Now you really can get rid of unwanted hair safely and permanently.

APILUS Electrolysis Treatments

APILUS Consultation and first treatment (allow 30 mins) £35
Follow-up treatments: Minimum fee £18
10 minutes £18
15 minutes £25
20 minutes £30
30 minutes £35
45 minutes £47.50
60 minutes £62.50

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APILUS Skin Tags & Wart Treatment

APILUS Consultation and First Treatment £50.00
Follow-up treatments:
Up to 15 mins £45.00
Up to 30 mins £65.00

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Red Veins, Broken Veins, Spider Veins

Red or broken veins are a common problem which can be easily rectified by simple diathermy. In many cases only one or two treatments are necessary to achieve permanent removal.

Consultation and first treatment*
30 mins £45

Additional treatments.
Up to 15 mins £35

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To make an appointment or enquire about a treatment please call: 01723 35 44 21

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