Jill Kelly SkinCare, Beauty and IPL/Laser Clinic

Jill Kelly SkinCare, Beauty and IPL/Laser Clinic is celebrating 30 years in business with the launch of their website, www.beautysalonscarborough.co.uk, fully revamped with a new design and layout to help you get around the site easier. And it doesn’t matter what device you use to view it; it automatically adjusts to suit your tablet, smart phone, laptop or whatever you’re using. It also marks the fourth year of the business returning to its roots and trading from the beautiful Georgian townhouse at 53 Falsgrave Road in Scarborough. The business was set up in Falsgrave Road, in 1985, five years after Jill Kelly qualified as a beauty therapist. After eight years, Jill Kelly SkinCare and Beauty moved to Dean Road into premises adjoining what was Richard Grant Hair Design, where it remained for the next 17 years. However, when the Georgian town house became available at 53 Falsgrave Road, the business acquired the property and moved back to Falsgrave Road, next door to (No.55) where it had started out, back in the mid eighties. Jill Kelly, who also taught beauty therapy at Yorkshire Coast College for almost five years, said: “I have come back to Falsgrave; I just love it here. We are right next door to where I started the business 30 years ago, in 1985. When the previous occupants (the dentists) moved out, the opportunity arose to take over the property and renovate it. Because it is a listed building with have given the salon a Georgian theme, using period furniture and decorations. We are really pleased with the outcome, and, what is more important, so are our clients. The whole environment in here is very relaxing and calming. Our clients keep telling us we are ‘The Best Kept Secret in Scarborough’. And that’s the way they like it; otherwise they might not be able to get an appointment if eveybody knew about us.” Please see the “Take a look around” gallery to get a feel of what we have to offer.